Unveiling the Thunderous Kicks: Exploring the Longest Punts in NFL History

Exploring the Longest Punts in NFL History

Join us on a journey as we uncover the longest punts in NFL history, showcasing the monumental feats of these extraordinary kicks.

In the exhilarating world of American football, a successful punt is an art form mastered by few. While most punts aim for field position, there are those rare instances where punters unleash booming kicks that etch their names into NFL history. These moments of brilliance, measured in yards, stand out as testaments to the awe-inspiring power and precision of the punters’ legs.

Let’s have a look at the longest punts

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Steve O’neal longest punt

Steve O’Neal – 98 Yards

In the annals of NFL history, Steve O’Neal’s punt stands tall as the benchmark for punt distance. Playing for the New York Jets, O’Neal unleashed an astonishing 98-yard punt against the Denver Broncos on that fateful day in 1969. A feat so immense that it remains unparalleled to this day, etching his name into the record books.

Sam Martin – 72 Yards

Detroit Lions’ punter Sam Martin etched his name into the books with a colossal 72-yard punt against the Chicago Bears in 2016. His majestic kick showcased the sheer power and precision required for such a monumental feat, solidifying his place among the great punters of the game.

Shane Lechler – 80 Yards

Known for his powerful leg, Shane Lechler, while playing for the Houston Texans, etched his name in history with an 80-yard punt against the Denver Broncos in 2013. His ability to launch the ball deep into enemy territory displayed the epitome of punting prowess.

Donnie Jones – 70 Yards

Donnie Jones, during his tenure with the St. Louis Rams, hammered a remarkable 70-yard punt against the San Francisco 49ers in 2011. His colossal kick showcased precision and power, leaving an indelible mark on the game.

Pat McInally – 71 Yards

Pat McInally, a former Cincinnati Bengals punter, left his mark in NFL history with a monstrous 71-yard punt against the Houston Oilers in 1978. His monumental kick stands as a testament to the precision and skill required for such a prodigious feat.


The art of punting in the NFL is a blend of power, precision, and strategy. These awe-inspiring kicks not only change the game’s dynamics but also carve a niche in the league’s rich history. From Steve O’Neal’s monumental 98-yard boot to the other colossal punts that followed, these moments are etched in NFL lore, showcasing the exceptional talent and skill of these remarkable punters.

As fans of the game, we stand in awe of these colossal kicks, waiting with bated breath for the next punting prodigy to etch their name alongside these legendary kicks in NFL history.